Mooncake Master illustrations

31 May 2019

So happy to complete my first illustration project that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months! It is a yummy board game called Mooncake Master produced by the local game publisher

These tiles are a splice of the mooncakes’ cross-sections; mix and match them to create the perfect mooncakes for hungry customers.

It was interesting looking back at all the versions created to get to this point and seeing how much I have learnt. I picked up vector drawing which I always believed to be difficult, but I’m glad I did cos it’s an amazing tool that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Thanks to @gelasius of for getting me on board and Daryl for designing the game!

Final logo design
Alternate logo design option

First time designing a logo, i had to start at the basics, what makes a logo and how do i make one? It was interesting trying to come up with ideas that tie in with the nature of the game, where finally the concept of the abstracted mooncake was chosen (or perhaps more accurately, envisioned by from the start). It embodies a modern Asian quality, elements from the game, as well as the puzzle matching aspect of the gameplay.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes, arriving at your mooncake shop and placing orders for customized mooncakes to be made, on the double!

Here are some of the 15 customer cards illustrated for the Mooncake Master board game, the challenge was to make them each look distinct and with enough character to carry a back story.

Fascinated by the powerful tools of pattern making, where you can mark a certain motif as a symbol, duplicate that as many times as you like across the canvas, and make any number of changes to the symbol for the changes to be automatically replicated throughout the board.

These featured patterns are the reverse sides of the game’s cards and tiles.

Please get in touch for any enquiries on illustration work.