Pauline’s peonies

28 Nov 2018

This was the final version of Pauline’s commissioned peonies. Thank you for your generosity, and for your beautiful vision—to try something so big, and so bold.

This was the biggest piece I’ve ever painted and after several attempts I learnt a lot with everything from material sourcing, to paper stretching, paint layering, and framing. I also learnt not to give up in the face of challenges, and perhaps rather than banish my fear of never getting it right, to instead recognize that fear and let it come along for the ride.

Painting dimensions: 80x80cm

// Half of profits went to support @nor_lastrina in her Masters program, for our fight against climate change.

Close-ups of the watercolour textures: flower molecules deconstructed, blown away in whispery, petal shapes and scents.

Framed and hung on Pauline’s wall! A very happy day.