Cream of sunset


Acrylic on canvas.

I wasn’t feeling very inspired yesterday, there were many possibilities drifting through my head, but it was almost as if they all cancelled each other out, leaving me with nothing. I was so sleepy and lifeless and tried meditating a bit. One of the ideas resurfaced, a creamy palette of yummy pinks in the sky. I noticed i was having that butterflies in the stomach feeling and thought, “ah, this must be the one”. Times like these remind me to cherish moments of inspiration, that they can’t be taken for granted. Yet perhaps there is something in the uninspired moments—could these be a chance to know myself better, in how I respond to dull moments, do I persevere and make something? Or could these be a good time to organize and work on the admin side of things which would otherwise get sidelined by inspiration?

Length: 35.5cm
Height: 45.5cm
Depth: 2cm

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