Monkey and the mind triptych

From left to right:

Restfulness // 绵眠
When the monkeys of the mind quiet down and fall asleep, restlessness is eased to rest.

Presence // 猩心
When the monkeys are at rest, the mind is freed from distractions, and experiences the present.

Stillness // 猿圆
When the monkeys have done everything they could think of and been everywhere they wanted to go, the whole is complete. There is nothing left to do, and the mind is still at last.

Material: Acrylic on salvaged wood. Coated with uv protection satin varnish on all sides.

Dimensions: Each panel measures 79 x 37 cm.

This painting is part of my #monkeyandthemind series of art.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing this triptych, and let me know if you will prefer hooks to be installed to the back of the paintings.

Free shipping for Singapore addresses. For overseas addresses, a quotation for shipping cost will be provided based on the country of destination.