Inspired by the concept of the book ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’ by Ursula Le Guin.

“In the city of Omelas, life couldn’t be better. The people are happy, they have everything they want and they live life to the fullest. Except for one dark secret that they share. There is a child who is kept locked in a basement in utter misery, deprived and tortured. The author does not say why this is so, or what the child has done to deserve this terrible imprisonment. Only that it is necessary for the city’s continued success and contentment. Free him and everything that made the city such a wonderful place will disappear.”—story gist, by Han Fook Kwang.

When this painting was completed i found it interesting that i was drawn to physically close the window flap to the basement. It surprised me that the act of closing the window made me sigh and feel heavy, as i was physically complicit in hiding and forgetting the child in the basement, to preserve the peace i felt in my world above.

Original painting using lightfast water-soluble colour pencils on acid free paper.

Height: 68 cm
Width: 24 cm

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