Llamauntains [llama-mountains]


One of four in the New Zealand 2018 series:

It was at our wonderful Wainui airbnb that we got to meet three llamas for the first time! Pico, Indian and Connery were sitting on the grass with their legs tucked in, waiting to be fed their breakfast, and i couldn’t help but notice their bodies resembled mountains rising out of the ground, don’t you think?

Thanks to @wynlim for the new watercolour paper supplies! I noticed when i started painting on it that the paint didn’t spread as much as the cotton paper i was used to, but as i went along really interesting organic textures began to be formed, such as the tree-like pattern in the left llama.

Original watercolour painted on acid free paper. *This paper is slightly smaller than the other three in the series, but will still work well as a set.

Height: 21 cm
Width: 30 cm

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