This is a signpost for my Beautifugly designs made into merchandise on Redbubble, please visit this shop page on Redbubble for more information, thank you!

A note to self:

Often when I make something ugly I don’t want to post it because I’m afraid it won’t be well received. When it comes to art, why does something have to be aesthetically pleasing or showcase good technique to be worthy of appreciation? There is beauty in self-expression and in the stories that lie beneath. Every time we veer off the beaten path, the gamut of human diversity is expanded. Notions of conventional beauty sometimes hold me back from being myself. If I only allow myself to present my best work and best self then authenticity is lost and energy is wasted trying to keep up with standards rather than becoming a fuller person. This is what i try to tell myself, to overcome and to remember.

I am also taking the chance to get some much needed practice in typography and graphic design.

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